Falcon Pricing Plans

Simple to and easy upgrade paths.

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£19 per vehicle / month
£29 per vehicle / month
£39 per vehicle / month
Great for simple vehicle tracking Perfect for a serious business to keep up-to-date on their fleet For the user who needs to know everything about their vehicles
Real-time vehicle tracking
Vehicle history trails
Up to 10 days history per vehicle
Unlimited geofences
Unlimited users
Scheduled reports
Report suite
Speed history
Real-time events
Fuel data & history
Analytical data
Idle time, throttle usage, fuel, acceleration, engine speed & more
Grading reports
Tachomaster integration
Tachograph event location - more
Phone & email support
Unit Fitting

Supplied with fitting instructions.

Fitting can be arranged from £90 per unit or from £250 per day for 3 or more units.

Fitting required - from £90 per unit or from £250 per day for 3 or more units.

* Some Analytical Reports require a CAN interface / All prices excluding VAT

Mix and Match your Falcon Plans

With Falcon you can mix and match Plans however you want.

As an example, you may want to have a few vans using the Silver Plan to track their speed and receive incoming events such as geofence hits or movement outside of curfew.

Alongside your fleet of vans your heavier vehicles could be on the Gold Plan to record data to help you investigate driving styles and reduce fuel costs.

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Mix the Plans if you want …
Bronze Silver Gold
6 x £19 5 x £29 4 x £39
= £415 per month

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